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Hey There, Welcome to Cloud Closet Studio: Where 3D Fashion Comes to Life!

So, picture this: a world where your wildest fashion fantasies blend seamlessly with cutting-edge technology. That's us – Cloud Closet Studio – and we're here to give you a peek into the mind-bending universe of 3D virtual fashion. Ready? Let's dive in!

From Stitch to Pixel: Our Whirlwind Journey

Guess what? Our roots go way back to the world of fashion, where we rocked the needle and thread like nobody's business. But you know what really sparked our curiosity? The tantalizing connection between clothing, movies, and video games. It was like destiny knocked on our door and handed us a new canvas to play with.

Unleashing Creativity: Our Expertise

Now, let's talk shop. We're wizards when it comes to Marvelous Designer, Blender, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, Metahumans, and Chaos Clothing Simulation. With these tools in our arsenal, we craft 3D garments and props that go beyond imagination. We're not just designing; we're conjuring living, breathing pieces of art that dance, sway, and come alive on the screen.

More Than Mere Threads: It's Personal

But hold on – Cloud Closet Studio is more than lines of code and flashy simulations. We're storytellers, dream weavers, and emotion makers. Our journey from sewing real-world threads to weaving virtual dreams has taught us that fashion isn't just about fabric; it's about crafting memories and sensations that linger.

Meet the Team: Paws, Purrs and Pixels

While our founder is the driving force, our team of feline experts in administration and finance, bring a touch of whimsy to our creative endeavor. Yes, you read that right – our feline team members add a sprinkle of charm and quirkiness to our creative chaos.

Come Along for the Ride

We're not just another studio; we're a carnival of history, imagination, and innovation. Dive into our world of 3D fashion and discover the textures, stories, and magic that make our creations pop. Every outfit we create has a tale to tell, and we're thrilled to have you on this adventure with us.

So there you have it – Cloud Closet Studio in all its colorful, pixelated glory. Welcome aboard, where fashion meets pixels and dreams take shape!

P.S. Don't forget to bring your imagination along for the ride! 🚀👗🎮🐾

Our team

At Cloud Closet Studio, we're not your average team - we're a bunch of creative misfits! Led by our founder Leticia Z., we're flipping 3D fashion on its head with a crew that's as unique as they come. Get ready for an infusion of unparalleled creativity and a hint of cuteness, courtesy of our feline squad. Our strength is in our differences – Leticia's visionary path from dressmaking to pixels, Furi's financial prowess, Maeve's people skills, and Viktor's marketing magic. Together, we form a symphony of skills, crafting 3D masterpieces that push boundaries.

Join us on this wild ride where being yourself is the ultimate power, innovation is our guide, and each team member's quirky strengths combine to create a purr-fectly harmonious whole. Cloud Closet Studio isn't just a studio – it's a mix of wild innovation, boundless creativity, and endless potential. Welcome to a world where fashion and technology dance hand in hand.

Leticia Z.

Founder / 3D Modeler / 3D Designer




Human Resources